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Author:  Dina
E-mail:  dianamullaev@gmail.com
Date:  4/2/2017 8:36:00 PM
Subject:  Kokuho rice/ stonyfield yokids/ avocado oil
Message:  Kokuho rice: 100% California grown medium grain milled rice,(water polished) - also do i need to clean the rice in advance of pesach?

Stonyfield yokids organic blueberry yogurt: cultured pasteurized organic reduced fat milk, organic cane sugar, organic blueberry juice from concentrate, pectin, natural flavor, organic carrot juice concentrate, vitamin d3, s. Thermophilus, l. Bulgaricus, l. Acidophilus, bifidus and l. Casei

Chosen foods avocado oil: avocado oil

Reply:  Rice-Ok for Sephardim-no different cleaning than all year.

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