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Author:  Mark
E-mail:  mhanan99@hotmail.com
Date:  3/26/2017 10:37:00 AM
Subject:  Celiac Disease and Oats
Message:  Rabbi, I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat wheat, barley or Rye. I can eat Oats. From the FAQ I see that Oats are likely not one of the 5 grains. Could I use Oat Matzah at the Seder as Ie cannot eat Matzah made from wheat?

On a related note, I make my own Oat bread during the year. Can I use this bread to say Hamotzee on Shabbat and Holidays? (I generally don't eat the bread during the week).
Reply:  You will not be doing the Mitzva of Matza, according to my father, with Oat matza. Of course you can eat the Oat Matza anytime during Pesach.

Oats cannot have the Bracha of Hamotzi.

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