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Author:  DavidG
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/15/2017 10:35:00 PM
Subject:  Only Pesach Questions?
Message:  Hi, over the last couple months I've asked a few questions through the website. Are you answering general questions in addition to Pesach 2017 questions?

My previous questions were about Papa Johns standard pizza (with the mozzarella cheese) and the top 10 problematic ingredients that we need to look out for since most non animal based ingredients seem OK.

I'd also love an updated in depth discussion about Bishul Akum, cheese, and items that can be eaten in chain restaurants (like your old discussion about tuna sandwiches at Subway). It would be so nice to see a confirmed list of OK items from a handful of the top chain restaurants such as the possibility that iHop pancakes might be OK.

Reply:  Wait till Pesach and them ask away (again)
We have our hands full with Pesach stuff.

Sorry. Thx.


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