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Author:  chanan
E-mail:  litvish@yahoo.com
Date:  3/21/2004 10:11:00 AM
Subject:  several questions
Message:  Dear Aaron:
Just a few questions.
1.What is the difference between "18 minute matzah" and just plain Kosher L'Pesach matzah?
2. When eating maror can you layer the charoses on or must it be dipped and shaken off?
3. What is the shiur for kzayis of a hand made round shmura? How about a square machine one?
4. Must the knot of the shel yad touch bayis - connected with a gid or a string?

Thank you
Reply:  1) Matzah made in more than 18 minutes is not Kosher for Pesach.

2) You should dip.

3) Check out our "Laws of Pesach" in our Halachah- Jewish Law Section.

4) It should touch, but not necessarily connected with something. If you make the not properly, it should connect easily.

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