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Author:  HL
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Date:  3/13/2017 2:49:00 PM
Subject:  Kashrut status: Pi Xian Broad Bean Paste?
Message:  Kavod HaRav,

We are beginning to explore cooking Asian cuisine, and we have found this product is used in a great deal of Chinese dishes: Pi Xian Broad Bean Paste. To make our own fermented broad bean paste would be very expensive and time consuming. I believe in one of your teshuvot on this site I read that one cannot trust the ingredients on products coming out of China. I therefore assume that this means all Chinese food products are suspect and we are safek l'chumra. Is this thinking correct? Should we simply make our own?

Many thanks for your time and guidance. Hoping you had a freylikha Purim.

Kol tuv,
Reply:  Here is a perfect example of where the issue that we sometimes have with Asian foods clearly applies.
Pi Xian Broad Bean Paste is often made with a little flour, yet it often is not clearly identified.
Google some good recipes for it and make it yourself, or see if you can find a reputable US company that sells it here and has ingredients listed and approved by FDA.

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