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Author:  Susanna
E-mail:  swluddite@gmail.com
Date:  3/1/2017 9:56:00 PM
Subject:  "Kosher" Chewing Gum
Message:  Dear Rabbis Abadi --
Recently someone asked me where to purchase
kosher chewing gum. I answered that
1. I wondered whether there was likely to be any non
    kosher ingredient in any gum
2. And, perhaps more importantly, whether a product
    used in such vulgar and repellent public behavior
    as chewing gum could possibly be considered
    Isn't this a matter of modesty
    and dignity in our public behavior rather than an issue
    of straightforward kashrut?
    Thank you,
    Susanna W
Reply:  Susanna,
Our father would agree with you from a cultural perspective, but in places where people do chew gum, it is permitted. :)

In regards to the kashrut status of the various gums, you are essentially correct. However, we specifically looked into the yearly kashrut of Wrigleys Gums and found then to be all ok. People should feel comfortable to read ingredients of any gum or candy products which usually are kosher since they don't contain animal derivatives.

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