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Author:  Sc
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Date:  1/4/2017 5:29:00 PM
Subject:  Chewy Snackwich
Message:  Hi rabbi, bought these by mistake realized there's no hechsher (and already ate one!). They're made by Quaker, little granola chewy bars with peanut butter and chocolate inside.

Ingredients: granola (whole grain rolled oats, brown sugar, brown rice crisp [whole grain rice flour, sugar, salt], whole grain rolled wheat, soybean oil, whole wheat flour, sodium bicarbonate, soy lechitin, non fat dry milk), peanut butter (peanuts), corn syrup, semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lechitin, vanilla extract), corn syrup solids, brown rice crisp (whole grain brown rice flour, sugar, salt), invert sugar, sugar, glycerin, polydeztrose. Contains 2% or less of palm oil, dextrose, peanut oil, soybean oil, water, palm kernel oil, sorbitol, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, salt, soy lechitin, dry while milk, tocopherols (preservative), citric acid.

I probably shouldn't be eating something with so many ingredients haha but I'd appreciate the help! They're really good!!

Thanks so much!!
Reply:  Kosher but NOT for Pesach

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