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Author:  nemo
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Date:  3/9/2004 10:53:00 AM
Subject:  Eliyahu at a bris
Message:  Bechvod Harav

All over the site, you bring down that loshon hora has 3 rules, and if its lacking one of it, then it isnt loshon horah, one of the laws being more then 2 people knowing about it. It is then considered public knowledge.

According to this, why is what Eliyahu said loshan Horah, since it was public knowledge that Klal Yisroel wasn't keeping the torah. I though of this the other day, and i am just curious,.

also, isn't there also an inyun of just speaking nicely about other people, nothing to do with loshon horah, but with treating others as you would like to be treated, since noone i know likes to be talked about negetively, and yes i know that it isnt loshon horah, but then again, as my rosh yehsivah says, lighting a cigerette,, (yes i know its assur) off a shul that is burrning down chas vesholom isnt assur, but noone will argue its wrong. just wanted to know your thoughts.

ah guten
Reply:  Eliyahu needed to be Melamid Z'chus like Moshe Rabeinu did by Aveira of the Eigel.

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