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Author:  Jim L
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Date:  3/4/2004 1:59:00 AM
Subject:  Eating Treif
Message:  Rabbi Abadi,

What should one do if he finds that he has eaten something treif. Does it depend on when he discovers his error or what the treif food was?



Reply:  There is nothing required to do, other than to regret, repent, and commit to refrain, all in less than 5 minutes.
Then be more careful.
Sure, there is wonderful things said about years of fasting and crying etc... But the reality is that today the driving force behind that view is the Yetzer Harah (evil inclination), who wants us to live in eternal guilt, so that we should never come back to God fully and do what is right 100%. We keep being reminded of our faults, and are convinced that we just can never get to that level that is really worth anything. This view is rampant, and causes our people to give up.

The reality is that each and every person, Jew or non-Jew, is capable of waking up one day and deciding to change his/her ways to follow God's will. From that moment on, he/she is a Tzadik/Tzadeket (righteous). At that time, it is an uphill climb to learn the laws and gradually adopt them, at a reasonable pace. Forget the past, forget the sins. God will handle those and assist you in cleansing them. We don't have the ability and the knowledge that some had hundreds and thousands of years ago, where they knew how to clean out any negative affects caused by their sins in the spiritual world beyond. God tells us to do our share, and he'll handle the rest. All we need to do is accept his judgment, whether we understand it or not, with gratitude and loyalty.

The best thing for combating sins, both past and future, is proper Torah study. If you realize that you were overly lax in a specific area, then spend some extra time thoroughly reviewing those laws or related laws. This will reinforce your abilities to control that area.

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