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Author:  ao
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Date:  2/29/2004 3:27:00 PM
Subject:  quetsions
Message:  --is there a difference between "gan eden" and "olam habaa"? do they both refer to the same place?

--i've alaways heard that it is better for a person to be burried in Israel so that their body will have to roll less under the ground. what does it make a difference because after a while that persons body will disintergrate and there will be nothing to "roll"
following this thought, why was it such a horibble punishment that the "kohanim" that brought sacrifices to yerevam's golden calves would have their bones dug up from their graves and burned to ashes? (melachim A; perek 11/12/13-not sure) who cares what happens to their bones once their neshama departed their bodies?

--"ivdu et Hashem b'simcha" one of the ways to lift your mood is to think "happy thoughts." supposing a person is depressed... and the only thing that would make him happy is wrong-("pritzus"...) is it more important for a person to be happy or that they have clean thoughts?

thank you

Reply:  1) The Ramcha"l speaks about it in his Sefer "Derech Hashem." There are different opinions.
2) Obviously the things that happen after we die are not as clear to you as you thought. Trust the Gemaras and assume that whatever it is, it is not good. As far as burying in Israel, you can choose to do it or not to.   Don't forget, the emphasis should be put on the acts we do while we are alive, and not worry so much about things we do once it is too late.
3) If that were the choice, certainly keep the clean thoughts. There is no such thing, anyway. If a person is depressed and can't get out of it, he/she needs advice of a Psychiatrist. Not that he/she is crazy, but since only a Psychiatrist can prescribe the proper medication to help the person get back on their feet.
Fixing such a problem with thinking the wrong things is like resolving your gambling urge by going to a Casino to gamble.

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