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Author:  Jeff Duitch
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/28/2004 10:41:00 PM
Subject:  Purim/Pesach questions
Message:  Shavua tov to everyone. Even though Pesach is still a ways off, there are a couple questions I need to ask now.   

1. For those products that are not on the Pesach List, such as a product that's only available locally in one's own community, what ingredients are for sure chometz and DEFINITELY FORBIDDEN during Pesach BESIDES wheat, wheat flour, barley, malt and malt flavoring, grain vinegar, those modified food starches from wheat, and wheat starch? (You also mentioned that spelt might also still be forbidden) I'm looking forward to seeing the 2004 Pesach List once you've got it put up.

2. Did you ever get from your father the complete list of items that are kitniyos besides rice, peas, beans, mustard, oats, and buckwheat?

Now for some Purim questions:

3. Are wearing costumes on Purim required? The hilchos section for Purim don't mention whether wearing costumes is a requirement or not.

4. Quite a few organzations make such a big deal out of having us send our mishloach manos through "a third party". Are we required to have a separate messenger deliver our mishoach manos or do we fulfill the mitzvah of mishloach manos by giving directly to the people in question on Purim day?

Thanks as always and shavua tov
Reply:  1) Grain Vinegar may be from corn. It pays to ask them. The list should be out by Purim
2) Not a detailed list
3) Not required. But having a meal and celebrating is a Mitzvah.
4) Give it directly.

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