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Author:  avigail o
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Date:  2/23/2004 12:12:00 AM
Subject:  re: shabbat
Message:  message: my fa homilylds that shabbat ends exactly 25 hours after it starts (ie 4:30-->5:30...) however, i bored at people who hold 72 min. do i have to wait the extra 12 min. to do melacha?
also, i make a mezonot on matza and they make a hamotzy, if they use matzah for seuda shlishit can i make hamotzy on it?
thank you

Reply: You should wait till 72 minutes out of respect for your hosts, but you can do things quietly in your room.
Everyone should make Hamotzie on Matzah.

what do you mean "everyone should make Hamotzie on Matzah"? ...hamotzie LECHEM min ha'aretz--its not bread.   i also know of other sefardi families that only make hamotzie on matzah on pesach. please clarify.
thank you

Reply:  Years ago in foreign countries especially, people never ate Matzah, except on Passover. So if they ate it by chance during the year, they made Hamotzie. Now Matzah is very commonly eaten similar to bread, as an official meal, and is therefore Hamotzie for all.

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