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Author:  Hidden Rabbi
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Date:  2/22/2004 12:09:00 PM
Subject:  Hidden Rabbi
Message:  Comic books and Hollywood have all failed to see,
the greatest hero of them all,
the hero inside me.

The battles that are waged deep inside of me,
war a constant presence,
peace I cannot foresee.

Biblical in size,
these battles I must fight
who can pray, daven or learn all day
and all throughout the night?

I read my holy text
from within the fox-hole in which I lay,
with mud and dirt and blood stained clothes
and tears is how I pray.

God help me day and night
for my battle wages on,
my only weapon is a silent one,
my teffilin I must don.

My battle gets no news,
not reports in the press,
my people see me every day,
God they would never guess...

My battle is so great
and so deadly is my fight
I would never ever show my wounds
as feel that its not right...

I calm my fellow brothers
and keep my sisters within reach
of the Holy Torah
that i still love to preach

I am your hidden rabbi,
and the Torah that I teach
is a struggle I maintain
to keep within my reach.

But I know that i must push,
and push is what i do
even though my heart is torn
and I havent got a clue.

I cry myself to sleep at night
hoping this will end,
Moshiach must be close,
For no longer can i bend.

Hashem I cannot win!!
this war you have me wage against myself
every day from deep within.

A General and great nations
know not war until they see,
the war that goes on each day and night
deep inside of me.

Reply:  Very impressive.


You can win, you should win, and you will win.
If you ever feel you cannot win, it is because you tried to conquer too much at once. Just slow the pace a bit, and add a lot of Torah study. That gives you the power to go the furthest possible.

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