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Author:  Ehud
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Date:  2/22/2004 11:26:00 AM
Subject:  RE: RE Kedusha
Message:  I am aware that the Kedusha is in hebrew, of course. The first two words, though, in some nuschaot are in Aramaic, I believe. Ashkenazim say Naqdishekha v'na'aritzekha - so, in that case, the entire kedusha is in Hebrew. Those who have the custom of saying Naqdishakh v'na'aritzakh are using two aramaic words to start off the kedusha. Again, I am no diqduq expert but if those words were in Hebrew and in the feminine form as you suggest, they would have read Naqdishech v'na'aritzech - both with a tzere.
Reply:  Sephardim many times say female words in Hebrew in reference to God, throughout the Siddur.
No need to analyze it.

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