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Author:  thin-ice
E-mail:  ldavid@cye.com
Date:  2/20/2004 2:56:00 PM
Subject:  Slipping...
Message:  What action does one take when they know that they are slipping away from where they should be, for example... Shabbat starts becoming hated, mitzvot are annoying, learning is boring and treife things are looking really really good... how does one pull themselves back to reality in a non-fanatical way? How does one practically guard oneself from constantly falling back and fourth?
Reply:  Get away from the people and the environment that you consider the religious environment. This type of feeling usually comes as a bit of a rebellion. It is the feeling subconciously that if "this" is the religion, I want out.
What causes this, is a person who is not ready to be a lifetime robot, suddenly realizes the hypocricies and ridiculousness of the people around him/her. Automatically they blame it on the religion and God. One has nothing to do with the other. Get away from those robots and find out about your religion. Find out what the true requirements are and do not add! Then start learning some Navie, Chayei Adam, and other things that interest you. Get a better and more honest view of your religion. Take your time, and in the interim, try hard to keep away from situations that can lead you to sin. The two minutes of sin is not worth the regret of a lifetime, once you realize the truth.

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