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Author:  tuvia
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Date:  2/19/2004 12:59:00 AM
Subject:  changing to sephardi
Message:  With all due respect to the chassidim in Boro Park,
I would really prefer to follow Sephardim nusach and customs,as I feel they are in absolute harmony with halacah.I am studying Hebrew and I cringe upon hearing the assault on pronunciaton in the shuls that I have been in here.The "racer minyan"
practice,as well as the willingness to start Mincha
after dark,is well...not condusive to Kavana.
So I have an Sephardi siddur and ,for the most part, pray at home. I have been in a Sephardi minyan for Mincah and Maariv in the past on the west coast some time ago and was much more comfortable. ... No staring at me because I don't wear the dreaded black hat or 18th century black and white garb,or peyot.... Not one person violently swaying back and forth.Understanding what is said ect...
    I would like to be part of a Sephardi congregation nearby if not in Boro Park, perhaps
the Flatbush area.( I'm willing to move )
   Can you refer me to a Rav that I might confer with? Also I wonder what Siddur would be best,I have an Od Yosef Chai as well as a couple of others.
   I very much appreciate any direction you may provide me. I also appreciate the Q&A board on this fine website.
                          Thank you R.Abadi
Reply:  You are on the right track. The basic Sidurim available today are pretty close to OK. My father has plans of putting a Siddur together. Od Yosef Chai is alright.

Unfortunately, the black hat thing is contageous. You'll now see it in the middle of Allepo, Brooklyn. The Morrocans always had it. Bucharians are getting there and all the others. It is still not as severe by the Sephardim.

I'm sure there is a nice Sephardi Shul in your area. Talk to Rabbi/Dr. Jacques Dweck, or Rabbi Michael Haber, they can probably direct you in the right direction.

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