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Author:  withheld
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Date:  2/18/2004 1:10:00 AM
Subject:  Maaser
Message:  In calculating my income for maaser I was wondering if the following items should be taken into account:

Income Items:

1) Salary
2) Contributions to 401(k) made by employer
3) Cash Gifts
4) Non-cash gifts


1) Mortgage/Rent
2) Tuition
3) Income Taxes
4) Gas/Electric
5) Telephone bill/Cell Phone Bill
6) Property Taxes
7) Health Insurance
8) Life Insurance
9) Homeowner's/Renter's
10) Clothing
11) Groceries
12) Car Payments/Insurance

I know this is a long question, thank you in advance for answering. If the answer depends in any part on a "reasonable" or "average" amount, how does one determine this.

Thank you again for the website.
Reply:  Income items #1 & #3 are income. #4 is an income if it is from the business. #2 is we will follow up on in the future.
All listed items can not be subtracted from your income before Maaser.

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