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Author:  Josh
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/17/2004 6:17:00 PM
Subject:  Purim Questions
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

1) What does your father hold about hearing the megillah through a microphone?

2) In Or Yitschak, the Rav writes that it is permitted to give matanot la'evyonim prior to Purim, provided it is possible for the recipient to use the money for Purim needs. However, when the Gemara speaks about villagers who read the megillah before Purim, it indicates that the fact they were allowed to give matanot on that day was a big chiddush. Why is their matanot laevyonim treated like such a special case, if it is always allowed to give them early?

3) In either case, how can we rely on the fact that they will use the proceeds to purchase food for Purim? Do we need to instruct them explicitly to do so?

4) If a person lives in a vicinity without Jewish evyonim, (like Great Neck, where they would consider most of us poor, relatively speaking) is he nonetheless obligated to seek out poor people outside of his locale in order to fulfill the mitzvah?

5) Is there any way one can directly address questions to your father about Or Yitschak and his other pesakim, when these questions are of a more theoretical nature and as such would be a deviation from the purpose of the Forum?
Reply:  1) No good
2) The Matanot used to be food items, perishables.
3) Don't instruct, just give it close enough to Purim.
4) No
5) There will be a place for that on the new site...

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