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Author:  Moshe
E-mail:  thefeinsteinfamily@aol.com
Date:  2/16/2004 2:12:00 PM
Subject:  tax cheats
Message:  "Any taxes required to be paid must be paid. Anything you can do within the law to avoid paying is certainly allowed."

This reminded me of a story.

(Disclosure: When I heard it the "rabbi" in the story was Rav Moshe, but it could have been anyone. Also, like so many, many stories, this story might have been completely made-up)

So a guy goes to Rav Moshe and tells him that he stand to save a nice amount of money, if the Rav will give him permission to use a particular gimmick to play a little fast and loose on his taxes.

The Rav says no.

The man says: But I am in kolel. I don't have much money. I learn all day. If you let me do this, I'll save a ton of money.

Again, the rav says no.

Again the man argues: But I am in kolel. I learn all day. If you let me use this gimmick, I'll be able to stay in kolel, and I'll be able to concentrate on my learning without worrying about money.

The Rav replies: The Torah says Lo Tignov, not Lo Ta'avod.

Reply:  Very cute.

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