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Author:  the man
E-mail:  bab@kama.com
Date:  2/16/2004 2:02:00 PM
Subject:  kidusha and the cantor
Message:  You did not answer this question from an earlier posting:

Does the chazan during kedusha say kadosh baruch and yimloch along with the kahal or [does he say it] afterwards [alone and out loud?]

Also -

Should the tzibur say Nekadesh et shimcha, or should the chazan alone say that line?

Also -

Are Sephardim who say "Na'aritzoch" saying that god is a woman? (Ashkenazim say "Na'aritzcha") Is it a coincidence that many of these same sephardim say "Hashem HEEE ho'elokim" at the end of yom kipput?

(Ok, the last question wasn't so serious, but whatr about the first two?)

Reply:  1) He says it together with the congregation.
2) Whatever the custom is.
3) The Torah at times refers to God with a male word, and at times female. It is not a suggestion that God is male nor female. It is explained in Kabbalah, both the difference and the significance.

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