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Author:  Josh
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Date:  2/15/2004 11:17:00 PM
Subject:  Glasses on Shabbat
Message:  Kvod Harav,

1)What is your father's position on wearing glasses in a karmelit and/or reshut harabim on Shabbat?

2) In your father's sefer he indicates (based on Aruch Hashulchan) that the reason we don't say the yehi ratzon prayer before learning in the Beit Midrash (mentioned in O"C 110) is because the people studying are not rendering halachic decisions. In theory, if two or more people are studying for the purpose of "asukei shmaata aliba d'hilcheta" should they recite the prayer? If so, does it make a difference if they are learning in the Beit Midrash, in a private house, on the phone, etc...?

2a) What does your father hold about the Arizal and Ber Hetev's position, that an individual learning alone (who, let's assume, is qualified to make halachic decisions) should recite the yehi ratzon, despite the fact that he is not in a Bet Midrash?
Reply:  1) Ok, but not sunglasses.
2) If they are at that level, they need to answer the question themselves.
3) Not relevant today.
We are working on basics like keeping Shabbat or controlling our anger. One step at a time.

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