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Author:  sruly
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/10/2004 5:54:00 PM
Subject:  after brachot
Message:  When eating a meal without bread and you want to continue with a salad for example in to another room, where do you make the Boray Nifashos?

What if you had mizonos by the meal and you want to cont. in another room with, for example again, salad, do you first make the oul Hamichya?? and then finish your salad in another room and make a Boray Nifashos where you finished the salad?

What about if you washed by the meal and you wanna finish the salad in another room, do you Bentch in the room you ate the bread or the room you finished the salad or whatever??

would it be a differant answer for if you finish the bread specificaly, in another room??

thanx so much!!
i hope you can understand what i am trying to say!!

Reply:  1.There is no Makom Kavua for Borei Nefashos.
2.Make the Al Hamichya and then afterwards go into the other room.
3.Bench in the room you ate the bread.

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