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Author:  Ilan
E-mail:  guez@bellsouth.net
Date:  2/9/2004 12:49:00 PM
Subject:  Ashkenazim
Message:  I am very sorry to tell you, with all due respect that you should stop talking negatively about Ashkenazim.
This is Sinat Chinam .
I am referring in part of the Peyos answer and the wedding band, and other very disturbing words.

Yes, I agree that some Ashkenazim might also be very anti-Sefaradi, but we should try our best to answer with respect and be nice to people and NOT to put down others.

Reply:  There is no anti-Ashkenazi things here. It is only Anti-Dishonesty, whether it is Sephardi or Ashkenazi. The fact that you only saw negativity to Ashkenazim in my words, shows that you didn't really look at what I wrote.

This is the main point, and it applies to all people.

Adding to our religion is like "idol worship."
Wow! You are now assuming that I have completely lost it.
Well, look at Shmuel A: 15:23. You will notice that when King Shaul did not listen to his instructions, the Prophet Shmuel scolded him. In his words he says, "VeAven Uteraphim Hafsar." Look at Unkelos and Rashi.
He is saying that adding to God's instructions and Laws is equal to "idol worship."
Look into it!


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