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Author:  A.C.
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Date:  2/6/2004 12:00:00 PM
Subject:  payos
Message:  Shalom Rabbi,

This is what you had to say about people who grow payos:

"They feel that it gives them a shortcut to spirituality. It doesn't. There are no shortcuts. You want to get close to God, you follow his Torah. Don't add, don't subtract!
They originate from the Egyptians.....
Jews never had them. A Kohen (Jewish Priest) that served at the Temple while his hair had more than 30 days growth was deservant of death. Certainly none had Payos (Payot)."

Well, I heard that there are kabbalistic sources for growing payos and I don't understand why you have to make fun of this minhag.
I even saw that Rav Ovadia Yosef shlit'a, who as everyone knows is very "makpid" on sefardim accepting other minhagim and whp probably is the greatest gaon alive today, actually spoke highly of such a minhag and he encourages others to have their children grow their payos.

Now, I personally don't do this but I don't deem it necessary to knock people who do.

Could you explain top me why you seem to be against this minhag. I'd really like to know.

Kol Toov

Reply:  From Chava we learn, "Kol Hamosif Gorea."
From Shmuel Hanavie we learn, "Veaven Uterafim Hafsar."
Yerushalmi, "Kol Hapatur Midavar Veoseihu Nikra Hediot."
Bavli, "Lo Day Lecha Mah She'Asrah Torah?...."
Rambam (8 Perakim), "Kol She'aino Mavin Davar Zeh Hu Vaday Sachal."

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