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Author:  Sebastian
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Date:  2/1/2004 12:39:00 AM
Subject:  New Clothes
Message:  1) What bracha do we say when we wear new clothing? Is it shehechianu or malbish arumim or both?

2) Do we say a seperate bracha on each item of new clothing worn together? ie. a new shirt worn with a new tie?

3) Should the new article of clothing cost over a certain amount to warrant a bracha? ie. would you make a bracha on a new pair of socks?
Reply:  1) Shehecheyanu
2) You make Shecheyanu on something more meaningful than a shirt or tie. More like a suit. If you were to have two Shecheyanus at the same time, you would make one blessing. (just you like you do on new fruit).
3) It's not as much the cost, but rather what it means to you. shirt, tie, socks, etc.. just don't do it for most people.

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