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Author:  simcha
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Date:  1/27/2004 10:48:00 AM
Subject:  Gertrude Hawk Chocaoate
Message:  K'vod Harav:
Milk chocolate (sugar, milk, cocoa butter,chocolate, soy lecithin) vanillin, suger, butter, almonds, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, invert sugar, brown sugar, salt, soy lecithin: with a kashrut symbol I have never seen. Is it OK? Which Beracha?

I do not want to be pogem in Kvod Harav; but are there times when the difference between ashkenazi and sefaradi affect how I should follow the psak of the Rav, such as Shibolet Shu'al not being oats? Please be mochel me, if I seem to speak without proper kavod. I will follow the Rav's psak.
Reply:  1. The Hashgacha is not relevant if the ingredients are kosher which they are. The Beracha is Haetz.
2. If my father says that there is difference for Ashkenazim, then there is a difference, or else the Halacha is the same for both. Sometimes we write a difference.

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