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Author:  Mike Kohen
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Date:  1/23/2004 3:58:00 PM
Subject:  Chumros 2
Message:  I'm supprised with your answer, do you really compare the chosid that's following his fathers footsteps to Christians, Jews for Jesus, Apikorsim, (I know your going to answer that you only said the logic is appikorsus, but after all thats their logic its called Veal titosh toras imecho) after all he's not doing anything wrong by wearing long payos of a Shtreimil he's only following in the custom of 100's of years, so your telling me that they should all start shaving their beard and payos and start wearing jeans would that make them into good people in your opinion, I would also like to know if this is your fathers opinion too or just your opinion, I would like you to show your father my question and your answer and see if he agrees.

Original Post:

As a long time reader of your site, I feel that I have to complain when I feel something is not right, don't mistake me for a chosid or a frumie I'm far from it I dont even wear a hat, forget about a black hat, but I do love every yid including chasidim misnagdim lakewood guys yeshiva guys modern guys, etc. I guess you get the picture, and I did lots of research on all types of yiden, and I see that everybody has his MAALOS and everybody has his CHISRONOS, and you cant say because the person living in deal and goes to a mixed beach does not have any good things over the real frum guy, for an example the emunah peshuta and kovod bais hamedrosh is much greater by them, and I was in deal I saw the same guy that went to the beach a day before would never miss a minyan, and the same is true for the chasidim, you cant say that because I have things I dont like, that they are completely wrong and I was shocked to see in your posts that you should not answer amen if someone says BUREECH, they have a mosorah to say BUREECH and the sefardy says BARUCH and the yeshivish guy says BORUCH and they are all right and each one has to follow their mesorah, also I was just browsing through the Shaagas arye and I saw he has a whole teshuvah regarding davening after shekia and he says its ok, so how can you say that the chosid is wrong, and write to someone that asked questions regarding davening in a chasidish shul and you replied what are you duing there to begin with, I feel that thats being adding MACHLOKES by us yiden, or the whole lakewood bashing, if there are some naaiv people in lakewood dosent make the whole population bad people and if you see some chasidim doing things which are not right does not render hem all apikorsim, that you can answer amen an his brachot, and you cant laugh from their minhagim thats going back hundreds of years, there where great chasidish Rebbies that davened after shekiya so you will say that they will get punished for following the Shaagas Aryeh Etc., I also saw a recent post where you made fun af ladies shaving their hair, so I did some research and I found out that its a minhag of hundreds of years ago where there was a meeting from rabonim from four countries and this was one of the tokonos they made there, thats why I feel you cant laugh from the chosid with the long payos, and his wife shaving and he only eats cholov yisroel, he is just following in his fathers footsteps and his father is following his fathers footsteps and his father followed the rules of a certain holy rebbe 200 years ago, theese are not new phony chumros bieng invented today.


Reply: Your logic, as sweet as it is, is the same logic used by Christians, Jews for Jesus, Apikorsim, and anyone else.
"he is just following in his fathers footsteps and his father is following his fathers footsteps and his father followed the rules of a certain holy rebbe 200 years ago"
You need to learn a bit more. You look into a Sefer and you got the whole Torah on the tip of your tongue?
Why did the Neviim (Prophets) tell the people to leave the ways of their fathers? This speech of yours is wonderful, but certainly against the whole Torah, and against the whole meaning of our religion. You have a lot to learn.

Reply:  My father saw my response. You are taking a very shallow and sort of broad unfocused look at what I said, and all you see is that I compare it to Christianity.
Why not read what I said. We have discussed this before, too. Our entire proof against all newer religions that are based on Judaism, is that the Torah explicity states that we do not allow for changes. No Jesus, no Mohammed! It also includes smaller changes. No changes allowed, period.
If you can prove to me that changes are allowed, then we would need to take a second look at all those groups claiming their individual theories of changes prescribed by God.
Of course, this cannot be the case, because change is against the Torah.

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