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Author:  Reuven
E-mail:  razleeners@aol.com
Date:  1/20/2004 11:20:00 PM
Subject:  Stove on Yom Tov
Message:  We are seeking a new stove for our kitchen. We currently have a gas stove, but in gas stoves, the stoves which have a pilot flame are
apparently not the most current or fashionable. We   keep finding an
electric fired gas burner, rather than having a pilot flame.

For Yom Tov, what does one do with the electric fired   burner? How does one light it ?   Do you have   to keep it on, on a low flame, for the holiday?
Reply:  either keep it on a low flame or if possible, turn it fast past the lite spot that lights the burner and light it with a fire that you already have.

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