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Author:  Estie
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Date:  1/19/2004 11:03:00 AM
Subject:  Shopping around/rabbis
Message:  Rabbi,

I really enjoy this site and, although I have followed my local rav even when different from your opinions here because I want to be kosher by community norms even if it is based on a chumra b/c community is that important in my opinion, I have followed you in other instances. For example, I keep my own kitchen kosher according to my local rav's standard, but have eaten out according to yours.

Then I read the following. You write (i.e., AA writes):

"If that local Rabbi is not properly qualified, as is usually the case, then don't call him at all and don't follow him. If he is qualified, then you should follow him even on opinions that are different than those of that "big" Rabbi. The Rabbis in the Mishnah almost all disagreed with Rabbi Eliezer, yet his community was rewarded with extra long lives, because they followed him on his Heterim (lenient opinions) on things that the others held were deserving of capital punishment. That is the extreme of this concept. Find a "qualified" Rav, and go with him on everything. Until then, you can technically follow one for this and another for that, as long as the specific laws are not contradictory. But as an observant Jew, you are really playing games, when you shop around."

With respect, then, who should be using this q&A board and for what purpose? Is it only for those of us w/out a "qualified" rav elsewhere? How do we know if our local rav is truly "qualified"? Is there a test you recommend we give them? Based on this logic, it seems that those that follow your advice should NOT follow other ravs, even their local one, because then we'd be "shopping" rather than sticking with you, a qualified rav.

Could you clarify? Thank you.


Reply:  "only for those of us w/out a "qualified" rav elsewhere"
That is over 95%.....

"Is there a test...?"
Yes. Do they follow God's Torah, or are they following the "mainstream."


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