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Author:  PF
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Date:  1/19/2004 12:32:00 AM
Subject:  re hefsek tefillin
Message:  Dear R' Abadi,
   With regard to CYA's response to HN Lasry in reference to making a bracha every time one removes his tefillin, does this apply to ashkenazim as well? If so, how is this reconciled with REM"A in OC"H 25:12 and Mishne Berurah #47?

     As always thanks for your wonderful website.
Reply:  I had the same question but I noticed the Biur Halacha mentioned that "you don't lose by making a Bracha". I am not ready to ask my father why until I really look over the whole issue from the Gemara through the Rishonim, Tur, Bais Yosef, Shulchan Aruch etc......
Either way, that is what my father said. You make a Bracha every time you take off your Teffilin (both at same time).

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