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Author:  ido613
E-mail:  ido613@aemail.com
Date:  1/18/2004 1:57:00 AM
Subject:  maaser
Message:  dear rabbi.
Numerous times i am called apon to do a chesed, either to drive someone someplace etc. I am not paid for this. Am i allowed to use maaser money to pay for my gas? Also what are the rules in regarding lying for the sake of peace? Can you lie to a family member or friend if you know it may otherwise create problems?
Thanx for your time and efforts always.
Reply:  You can use Maaser money for the gas.
Lying is tough and can get very hairy, but it is sometimes muttar, as Hashem did by Avraham Avinu. Safest way to lie is to ask your Rov, when it is about to come up.
Try, "hold on, I want to call my Rov to ask him what to tell you". LOL

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