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Author:  anon
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Date:  1/16/2004 11:48:00 AM
Subject:  Yael Vaturi/Malka
Message:  This message is for Yael's husband (by the way-why do you use your wife's name?!)
Rabbi Abadi is a big Rav and his sons are good people. If you don't like the way one of them answers you that's ok. I understand. However you write- "This is someone who claims to be a reliable posek giving p'sak even though he has been proven to give p'sak based on prejudice. "
Are you calling Rabbi Abadi a fake posek? He is definitely a reliable posek; whether you want to follow his psak or not is your decision.
To tell you the truth I was also a little surprised that AA posted your emails. However being that I trust him in other aspects, I trust that he knew what he was doing even if I don't understand it. That's what following a rav is all about by the way. You gotta trust him in the things you don't understand too. That doesn't mean you can't ask why he posted the emails. But the response you gave which was basically cursing him out- sorry but I don't think that any of the readers on this website would find that acceptable- even those that don't necessarily follow the psak of R abadi. What gives you the right to curse out a Rav? Are you a Rav?
Even if your lengthly post did have some good points most people would write you off just like AA did if even just for the fact that you had the audacity to write to a rav that way.
The Abadis are controversial, no doubt about it. And although the point of this website is to ask halachic questions, R Abadi's sons so kindly answer everything from hashkafa questions, to people yelling at them. They have no problem answering and explaining anyone who posts anything with respect. There are many posts written by people who don't necessarily agree with Rabbi Abadi but they are written respectfully and answered respectfully.
What would you think of someone who went over to your Rav (if you follow one) and started cursing him out? It's like what the #%, don't come to this Rav no one asked you... Are you following?
I can go on and on but I have better things to do with my time.
Another quick point- a lot of people in Lakewood call the rosh yeshiva malkiel. Without the "Horav Shlita..."
I'm sure he is a masmid- like many other people in Lakewood who we call by their first names. Don't go writing these kind of things without a clue about lakewood and the yeshiva and the whole Rosh Yeshiva situation over here. Just because someone's father or grandfather is a rosh yeshiva doesnt mean we have to call him Horav Hagaon blah blah blah.
And with that I sign off.

Reply:  I'm impressed with your clarity.

I posted that sequence of emails to show the world the common Chutzpah that exists in our culture. It's so bad, that many people don't understand what they did wrong. Others, more objective people, can read it and see the problem and the arrogance.

The entertaining thing is that very often the same guy who is cursing out my father finds out that a Rabbi he respects happens to be a student of my father.

I called him Malkiel, because I grew up with the Kotler boys, and we knew him as Malkiel, even though he went to Israel pretty young. Aaron K & I were partners in crime as kids. And you are right, he is still commonly refered to as Malkiel.

I posted the name of that woman (Yael) who turned out to be a man, because it was my duty to publicize such a person, so people who know him/her should be aware of their true side.
This is in the Bemara Yuma 86 "Mefarsamin Et Ha Chanafim...." Of course it is also brought in the Chafetz Chaim Kelal Daled 7.
But then look at Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 243:6, where he says that such a person has no part in the next world.


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