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Author:  ben
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Date:  1/12/2004 7:46:00 PM
Subject:  doctor
Message:  It was stated that praying for a sick person that the doctor had despaired from surviving is a tefilat shav. The Chazon Ish says that its not for several reasons. 1) every day new cures are being discovered 2)spontanious remissions and reversals have been documented in medical lit. 3)the biggest doctors still know very little about the mystery of the human body. Because of these reasons the Chazon Ish says that one should pray despite the doctor's lack of hope, for his recovery is not considered an open miracle, and therefore its not comparable to the Gemara in Berachot. Does your father argue on the Chazon Ish?
Reply:  We're not getting into the details of the doctor's reliability. The point we were hitting on is if the guy is certainly going, then no more praying.
That other issue is whole different bowl of cholent (hamin).

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