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Author:  lmanshemo
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Date:  1/8/2004 6:36:00 PM
Subject:  yirat sha'mayim
Message:  I feel its is of very important to understand and follow Halacha in its correct way. I also feel it is very important not try a way out. As the Gemorah explains regarding the Mitzvah of Masser. The Gemorah wanted to show a difference in the generations in there observance of mitzvos how one generation Davka brought the food to the house in order to be Chayav in Masser and the how the later Generations tried to Pator themselves. We also learn in Mesilat Yesharim Chapter 14 that regarding Seperation in the Relm of Halacha one should try to always follow the most Chomra side if he can. Also many times the Chafets Chaim feels that a Yirat Sha' mayim should follow both oppinions in Halacha even in a case of a chumra. In all respect please state your opinion. Thank You
Reply:  You pick a thing, here and there without reading the whole thing. The Mesilat Yesharim only allows Chumra (extra restrictions) after you are doing everything 100% perfect. Read the whole book, not just bits and pieces.
The Gemara shows a difference in the generations, yet in the later generations the Gemara Rabbis did it the easy way out, did they not?
There are times when we should follow both opinions and there are times that it is not allowed. Carrying on Shabbat even in a city with an Eiruv around it is certainly a time to be Machmir (strict), because 10 or so Rishonim (early Rabbis) say it is not permitted and you would be sinning to an extent that you would deserve capital punishment. That we ignore, but we're real careful about waiting 6 hours after dairy Bliot (absorbed flavor) that doesn't really exist. That we keep?!

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