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Author:  HN Lasry
E-mail:  lasryhn@barak-online.net
Date:  1/7/2004 1:56:00 AM
Subject:  Hefsek Tefilin
Message:  Good Morning Aaroni
I just tried to call your Father because in the middle of putting on my Shel Yad I had to go to the
toilet, afterwards I did not know if I had to repeat the Bracha on the Shel Yad the only Bracha we Sfardim make on Tefilin. Normally when I remove
my Tefilin for any reason with the intention of putting back on fairly immediately I do not make another Bracha, but I heard The Rabbi has a Psak
on this matter. Please advise, for now since The
Rabbi was not available I will go Sofek Brachot L'hakel that is what ignorance dictates, I think.
Best Regards and Keep Up The Good Work
Reply:  Your ignorance dictated correctly. Since you were not sure, you don't make the blessing. But in reality, you would have needed another blessing.

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