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Author:  Ilya
E-mail:  ibraz@brazgroup.com
Date:  3/2/2015 4:58:00 PM
Subject:  Digest Gold
Message:  Kvod Ha Rav: I would like to know if Enzymedica Digest Gold capsules are Kosehr for Pesach. They are Kosher Certified: Kof-K Pareve. The ingredients are:
Amylase Thera-blend, Protease Thera-blend, Glucoamylase, Cellulase Thera-blend, Alpha Galactoseidase, Lipase Thera-blend, Lactase, Maltase, Xylanase, Invertase, Pectinase (w/Physate); Hmicellulase
and 100% Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Water.)
Thank you.
Reply:  It's good

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