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Author:  Simcha
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Date:  1/6/2004 9:40:00 AM
Subject:  Gluten
Message:  L'chvod Harav;
I must eat oat matza the entire year for birkat Hamotzi due to gluten intolerance, which for me is deadly.
1) The matzot break because they have no gluten. I rarely have a shleima. There are no bar mitzvah age children left at home. Should my wife make a separate Hamotzi on Lechem Mishna?
2) Are there any special instructions for the 30 days before Pesach if theses are the same Matzot I will be eating for the mitzvah?
3) We need more chachamim such as you to lead us back to Torah and Avodat Hashem. Does the Rav have practical steps we can take to become true Ohavei and Yarei Hashem without simply relying on more and more chumrot?
4) What can we do to help with financing this necessary website?
Reply:  Oats are not one of the five grains. Your Matzah is not Hamotzie, but rather Haadamah at the very most.
1) Yes
2) Do not eat these as Matzah on Pesach. If you are allergic to Gluten, you are not required to eat Matzah on Pesach. Feeling bad about that and thus making a blessing in vain is certainly not an option.
3) Ahavah (love) and Yiraah (fear) of God can only be acheived through Dikduk Hadin, which means following the laws to the letter. Reading the Tanach, keeping the rules, studying the Torah, and working on your character traits, is the only path to loving and fearing God. This is very clear in all the Mussar Sefarim.

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