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Author:  MP
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Date:  12/29/2003 12:06:00 PM
Subject:  Gideon Bible
Message:  Kvod Harav,
        Recently a friend returned from traveling cross-country. He stayed in many motels along the way. In each motel he happily destroyed the Bible that was provided (ripped, burned, etc. He left the Old Testament part intact). I explained to him that he partook in Gezailah either from the motel or from Gideons International which provides the bibles. He responded by saying that both Avrham and Rivka destroyed their fathers idols, and this is no different. Who would be right here?
Thank you.
Reply:  It's not stealing, but why did he leave the old testament. Their version of the Torah is not holy.
And don't forget, Rachel (which is the one you meant), died early because of that.
It's all not relevant. No need to rip them. No loss if you throw them in the trash. The Hotels don't provide them, and don't care if you eat them.

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