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Author:  sara
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Date:  12/28/2003 12:26:00 AM
Subject:  kollel life
Message:  i am a baala teshuva and i was thinking of marrying a learning boy. what is your outlook on yeshivish kollel life?
Reply:  If the boy is a "Yarei Shamayim," that means that he fears God, and you are both intent on sacrificing to live 100% in the ways of God, and if the Torah study is proper, under the direction of a qualified Rav, then it is a wondeful thing.
Unfortunately, it is extremely uncommon. A "one in a million."
The ideal alternative is to marry a "Yarei Shamayim" who is working, who finds time to study regularly, who knows the law, and intends to keep it. You have a better chance of finding one or two of those.

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