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Author:  Mitnaged Man
E-mail:  mitnaged@hotmail.com
Date:  12/25/2003 12:43:00 PM
Subject:  Hasidim
Message:  Could the rav please explain to me some things about hasidim?

1 - What is their justification for davening mincha after it is already dark outside? Is a mitnaged allowed to do this when he is davening in their shuls?

2 - Hasidim seem to light candles and to cancel tachanun every second or third day. Is it permissble for a mitnaged to do this, or should he refrain from lighting the candles and say tachanun even when he is davening with hasidim who are not?

3 - If you follow the gra and say no yotzrot on yom tov and the special shabatot, what should you do if you find yourself in a hasidic shul when yotzrot are being said? Should you walk out? Sit quietly? Stand quietly? Say the yotzrot? Or go elsewhere?

4 - If you hear a hasid laining, and he says "Yankof" instead of "yaakov" or "hee" instead of "hu" and so on, is this, for you, a kosher laining? What about for the reading for Zachor and Esther?

Reply:  1) No justification for anyone. I assume we all still follow the same Mishnayot, Gemara, and Shulchan Aruch.
2) Candles cancel Tachnun? Say Tachnun.
3) Look through a Sefer, like the Chayey Adam.
4) Not Kosher.
Let me ask you, what are you doing over there to begin with?

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