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Author:  marc
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Date:  12/25/2003 6:05:00 AM
Subject:  charity
Message:  I recently studied the laws of charity in rambam and shulchan aruch and i cant seem to find where it says giving money to kollel is part of maaser. One large philantrophist recently told me he gives kollel-yehsiva money on top of that. what do you make of this?

Reply: Yagaata Veloh Matzata, Al Taamin!

cute, so where is it?
Reply:  Tamud Bavli Sanhedrin 92A; D"H "Kol She'aino Mehaneh...."
Ra"sh & Ri"f... same place
Ramba"m Shmita VeYovel 13:13
Me'iri Ketubot 85B D"H Kevar....
Tur Shulchan Aruch Y"D 251: 3, 9, 11 etc....
Kesef Mishneh Hilchot T"T Perek #3:10
...and I'm just getting started.......
....& don't forget....Ohr Yitzchak Y"D 49...

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