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Author:  Yossi
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Date:  12/22/2003 11:31:00 AM
Message:  I have wondered and have asked, but with no answers. Is tzadaka to an ani or tzadaka for Talmud Torah considered better? What is the best bang for the buck in tzadaka.

One thing I am wqorried about is giving to a Yeshiva that might place status over kadusha. I have heard a nice compromise that givibng to a needy Torah Scholar satisfies all. But the question remains about what is the hifghest form of charity and which has the most merit.
Reply:  Talmud Torah is more important, but only proper studying is included.
There are a few Kollels that might actually be studying properly. There are some schools that are learning correctly, like that one in the old city. But few and far between.
Without sounding like a sales pitch, the money donated here to my father's Kollel is going straight to proper learning. If my father's students come late, he cuts their head off. No cell phones, no beepers. No Brit Milah, no weddings, no Bar Mitzvahs. Do those things beforehand or afterwards. Chanuka candles are lit after Seder.
I can't believe that I can't find the address on this site where to mail donations.
It's to
Ohel Torah
POB 385 Cedarhurst, NY 11516

or to my brother's house in Brooklyn.

But that is the gist of it. If you're not sure of an organization or person, keep away. That's what the Shulchan Aruch says.

I found the link


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