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Author:  martin
E-mail:  m.brody@gte.net
Date:  12/21/2003 1:15:00 AM
Subject:  Bracha on Pizza
Message:  Dear Rabbi,
Please clarify the correct Bracha on Pizza.
Whether it`s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and 1 slice, 4 slices or 2 pizzas. I`ve been given different answers based on these parameters. Isn`t Pizza, by definition, pie?

Reply:  Pizza is not like pie. Pizza is always Hamotzie, and we must wash and afterwards say Birkat Hamazon. The ones that say it is Mezonot, are not aware of the reasons behind the laws. They heard something else is Mezonot and they tried to compare. Comparing in Jewish Law is restricted to qualified Rabbis only, and for good reason. The key issue here is if it is real Pat (bread), or Pat Haba'ah BeKisnin, which can be one of three types. Either like crackers, or knishes, or similar to cake and cookies. The Pizza is comparable to a sandwich stacked with corned beef, where you still make Hamotzie, because it is pure bread. Try a little experiment, take your next slice of pizza, and clean off all the cheese and tomato sauce. What do you have before you?
Does that clear that up?

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