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Author:  David
E-mail:  solomondavidi@gmail.com
Date:  3/4/2014 9:29:00 PM
Subject:  few questions
Message:  I would like to know if the answers you give here on the website follow suit for all products regardless of where they are produced in the world.

For instance soft cheeses. Are soft cheese produced in ingredients like milk, citric acid salt and stabalizers still ok to use.

also in some previous older posts you had mentioned the rum is kosher as long as it is not a flavored rum. Does this hold true for pesach as well

Does Moscarpone cheese fall into the relm of soft cheese?

I have a date syrup that the ingredients are dates. 100% dates but it is produced in the UAE. Is this ok to use in general and for pesach

thank you
Reply:  not familiar enough to speak for other countries-sorry

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