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Author:  Sam
E-mail:  sam@sammez.com
Date:  9/9/2013 4:17:00 PM
Subject:  home made wine
Message:  Shalom,
Last summer I bought some grapes and made some wine.
The first step in the process is to de-stem the grapes and lightly crush the fruit.
I did this with the use of a machine at a local brew shop.
Someone suggested to me that the wine may not be kosher since a goy "turned on" the machine.
The machine was clean of all grapes and stems (from other people {not Jewish} using the same machine) and only I touched the grapes/juice/wine from the time they were put into the machine until I bottled it a few months later.
I would like to make wine again this fall and I would appreciate your thought on my existing wine and any suggestions for the future.
Thank you and Tizqu LeShanim Rabot.

Reply:  As long as he didn't drink or pour or open a spigot for the wine, you're ok. Next time turn it on yourself.

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