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Author:  asnyder
E-mail:  asnyder90@gmail.com
Date:  8/18/2013 6:26:00 PM
Subject:  Kashering Kitchen
Message:  Hi Rabbi,

This past summer, I lived with roommates who did not keep kosher and often made kashrut mistakes in our kitchen, so I have a few questions about how to kasher things.

1) Meat and dairy silverware would sometimes get mixed up. Also silverware was sometime used for non-kosher food. Do I have have to do hagala? Or can I just wash them since rov tashmisho for the silverware is as a kli sheini?

2) If I want to kasher my oven and also kasher a baking pan in the oven, can I do it at the same time? I.e. If I put the pan in the oven and leave it on the highest heat for an hour, does that kasher both the oven and the pan?

3) How long do I need to leave a pan on the fire to do libun?

Thank you so much!
Reply:  1. You need to make Hagala each time. Rov tashmisho isn't ok lechatchila. You put yourself in a situation that you need to depend on Rov Tashmisho. That's lechatchila. I called my father before answering this question. This is what he instructed me to say.
2. Turn it on the highest degree for an hour. You can place anything inside to do hagala or libun.
3. Libun should be done in oven or with a torch.

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