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Author:  Sam
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Date:  12/16/2003 8:45:00 AM
Subject:  Potato
Message:  1. If someone decided to eat a raw potato, would he make a berakhah she-hakol, or no berakhah? I know someone from Europe who makes shehakol on raw carrots because he says when he grew up no one ate them raw. Is this correct?

2. Is it true that in Lakewood there are schools that don't accept students if the fathers work for a living? If true, is there a greater distortion of Torah than this?
Reply:  1) No Blessing. The carrot guy needs to join us here in the 21st Century, and to stop living in the past.
2) Yes! Oh Sure! There are many greater distortions. This is just a touch of it. You ain't seen nothing yet.....

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