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Author:  yisroel k
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Date:  12/11/2003 2:45:00 PM
Subject:  Jwsh Obsrvr & Internet
Message:  This months issue of the Jewish Observer basically slams the whole concept of the internet and says that no "cheradi family" would have such a trap in their house. How should we respond to this? Should we also through out our radios, cell phones and any other electric divice for fear of it leading to arayos and then go join the Amish in Pennsylvania?
Reply:  The Amish are too close to being Chassidim. You might as well go to Monroe.

But in all seriousness, if you think you can hide the internet from your children, you're nuts. There is not a kid today without some means of accessing the internet. My daughter's school is very anti-internet, sends letters out, and screams about it. Her teachers give the class research projects to do "on the internet." The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows "Kashrut.org" to exist without being able to shut us up. It also can be used for bad. We were put on this world for that purpose, to chose right from wrong, good from bad. Teach your children the benefits of the internet, and warn against the negative. Do your best job, but don't be naive. If you lock them from it, they'll get to it, and you will not be there to know where they are surfing. My children have internet access in their rooms, and thank God they are very good kids. Some kids are a bit harder to deal with. Sit them down, show them that you respect them, that you trust them. Give them the respect. Treat them like people, and they still might go to places that they should not, but it will certainly be a thousand times better than what they'll do if they need to go elsewhere for it. You know what I'm talking about, because you were a kid too.

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