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Author:  Ovadya
E-mail:  eldoochay@gmail.com
Date:  10/11/2012 3:45:00 PM
Subject:  Lindt chocolate
Message:  First of all, thank you Rabbis for your time and all that you devote to this site.

I have a question which I hope you wouldn't mind to be a bit more thorough than usual.

What's the story with Lindt (chocolate)? I purchased a few bars in Europe and they did not have a hashgacha. Fast forward a nice while (all the time sitting in my pantry - not me, the chocolates) and voila!, now I see a lot of their products have a Chof-K. Obviously I researched your site yet only found one Q&A on this topic. So happens to be, that my bars in question contain the same exact ingredients as the former questioner presented so I can safely assume that you'd issue the same ruling for me. My problem is, I'm still a bit uncertain because it reads "artificial flavoring" too. How is that taken care of? Our old friend 'batul b'shishim'? What's if they produce it in/on non-kosher (unclean) machinery and the likes? And if it's really that simple, why on only some products was there a hashgacha while other products (which had seemingly equal ingredients) did not have? And what's the difference if it was purchased in the US or EU (according to the research I have been able to conduct, there apparently are different kashrus statuses depending on the "nationality" of the chocolate)?

Also, I do have a single bar which contains some more ingredients than the others (and specifically more than the one you responded to a while ago): the flavor is "TOFFEE CRUNCH"; sugar, cocoa butter, toffee pieces (sugar, lactose, butterfat, skim milk, rapeseed lecithin, salt, artificial flavoring [caramel]), milk, chocolate, lactose, skim milk, soya lecithin (emulsifier), barley malt extract, artificial flavoring (vanillin). Kosher?

Again, thank you (both) so much for your time and effort in helping the masses navigate through the kashrus world of today.
Reply:  I didn't see any little piggies in the chocolate.

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