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Author:  David Shemtob
E-mail:  DShemtob@yahoo.com
Date:  7/18/2012 2:31:00 PM
Subject:  Wrapping Food in Microwave
Message:  Hacham,

I have read (via text) that we only need to cover food in microwaves 1 time if using a non kosher microwave or if heating meat in a dairy Microwave or dairy in a meat microwave. Can you please confirm and possibley expand on the topic(meaning more then 1 sentences)

Thank you again for all you help. And yes you could put me down for the "silver membership".
Reply:  firstly, as per your request i have signed you up for the 10 year Gold membership as per your request-the collection agency will contact you shortly! please send me your NEW address.

The story is as follows: (verified this morning)
when covering something in the microwave it only needs one covering.
if you primarily use your microwave for meat, then you would only need to cover dairy. if you primarily use for dairy-you would only need to cover meat.
similarly if you go to a hotel you can cover your food once and it's ok.
Always a pleasure!

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